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What to do in side

Visit the center of the town of Side

Side is being rebuilt. Beneath the town are many ancient Roman remains. Various illegally built buildings are and have been demolished, with the result that construction is still going on here and there. All excavations that are of interest according to the Archaeological Ministry must be covered with glass panels that you can walk over. During a walk you will witness the beautiful Roman remains from the 50s AD
New buildings built in Ottoman style will replace the demolished houses and shops.
                                                                    Side becomes beautiful


Excavations and Roman remains outside Side

The Amphi Theater; The antique doorway as you enter Side; The Apollo temple on the tip of the Side peninsula to the left of the picturesque harbor. Just a few sights that you can explore on foot. Conny's is within walking distance of all points of interest.
Don't forget the museum. Great setting and interesting items amassed over the years.
Side and its immediate surroundings are actually a large museum.
Don't forget to bring your camera and please wear comfortable shoes.
Best time to visit in summer: early in the morning, otherwise it will be too hot.

Beaches (Eastbeach) (Westbeach)

The East Beach is walking distance from Conny's, but why walk on your holiday. The beach bar we work with will pick you up for free in front of the hotel and of course you will also be brought back.
Westbeach is more for families with small children. Very busy there       

Visit Shopping Mall "Novamall"

3 km away from Conny's

Town 6 km away. Known for its markets on Mondays and Thursdays. Waterfall and River Boat Trips

Side Market is on saturday on walking distance from the hotel


Boat trips

Can be booked in the port of Side or via the hotel

We could name a lot more but we don't know if you are still reading that. There are so many excursions to do from Side. Once booked, you will be picked up in front of the hotel and of course also returned after the tour.

Ask Sandra for tips on what to do.

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